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In the News:    Concealed Weapons NOW Allowed In Illinois

     January 8, 2014   The Illinois State Police said Tuesday that it had completed the initial approval of more then 13,000 conceal carry applications, moving residents a step closer to being able to carry loaded firearms in public.

October 11, 2013   Illinois State Police Officials today released information on regulatory requirementsfor concealed carry signage under Firearm Concealed Carry Act 430 ILCS 66/1, et. seq.

Individuals licensed to carry a concealed firearm under the Concealed Carry Act are prohibited from carring a firearm on, or into, any of the prohibited areas listed under Section 65 of the statute. Private property owners may also prohibit individuals from carrying a concealed firearm on, or into property under their control.

Owners of any statutorily prohibited area or private property, excluding residences, where the owner prohibits carrying of firearms must clearly and conspicuously post the Illinois State Police approved sign, in accordance with 430 ILCS 66/1, at the entrance of the building, premises or real property:


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